Our World Congress of Families Initiative

In early 2014, we became aware that the World Congress of Families was to hold a conference in Salt Lake City in October of 2015. We began to research and investigate the organization which at the time, we only knew as an anti-LGBT, and anti-Women’s Rights hate group. A year’s long of research and investigation led us to conclude that the WCF is one of the most dangerous and influential anti-LGBT hate groups in the world. They act as an umbrella organization for the most destructive and prominent anti-LGBT hate groups in the world. These include:

as well as religious institutions that have long histories of defaming and denigrating LGBT people like The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). The LDS Church received a great deal of criticism during the W.C.F. conference held in Salt Lake City, because of their efforts in supporting a an anti-discrimination bill known as SB296 in 2015. As a peace offering to the World Congress of Families, with-in hours after conference ended, the LDS Church implemented a new policy to deny membership to children of LGBT parents and families. In the weeks that followed, 32 LDS-LGBT youth suicides were reported and those numbers continue to increase at an alarming rate. The LDS Church has remained silent.

In the early months preceding the W.C.F. conference, two board members of Restore Our Humanity met with the planning committee of the W.C.F. conference that included Stanford Swim of the Sutherland Institute and Janice Crouse a board member of the W.C.F. Our board members were assured that the conference was not intended and would not include "gay bashing" and anti-LGBT sentiment. This assurance turned out to be a lie. A few of the gay bashing seminars are posted below.

Restore Our Humanity implemented a public education campaign to inform our communities of the dangers and the influence that the W.C.F. has on the world. This included billboard advertising campaigns and the formation of the All Families Coalition to give recognition and a voice to the families who are being maligned by the harmful messages of the W.C.F. Our initiative also included 2 public showings of Hunted Gay and Afraid which is a documentary that was produced in the U.K. just prior to the conference.

Hunted: Gay and Afraind from Restore Our Humanity on Vimeo.

The public education campaign regarding the W.C.F. continues. In May of 2016 after learning that a Board Member of the W.C.F. was being awarded an honorary degree at the University of Utah, we took a stand and alerted the community. As a result, Mrs. Gay, the honoree resigned from the board of the W.C.F.

University of Utah removes references to anti-LGBT groups from bio of honorary degree recipient (SL Trib)

University of Utah honoree resigns from anti-LGBT organization amid public outcry (SL Trib)

Restore Our Humanity continues to be vigilant and watchful of these hate groups. It is important to note that their influence and power continue. As the recent Target Transgender Hysteria has shown which was orchestrated entirely by the Alliance Defending Freedom. We still have much to work on and there are still very real threats to the civil rights and saftey of the LGBT community. There are many of us who feel the harmful and stigmatizing messages that are promoted by the W.C.F. and their affiliates, are directly responsible for the horrific mass shooting in Orlando Florida in June 2016. #ItsNotOver

For more information, visit http://www.worldcongressoffamilies.org/