Rate of sex abuse in Utah among worst in the nation, advocacy group pledges support for survivors POSTED 7:13 PM, FEBRUARY 17, 2016, BY JEFF MCADAM

SALT LAKE CITY - Survivors of sexual abuse have a new advocate willing to fight on their behalf in Utah. The non-profit organization Restore our Humanity plans to provide therapy and legal counsel for survivors and their family who reach out.

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Utah civil rights group reaches out to sex abuse victims, calls for dialogue with Mormon church

A Utah civil rights group has launched a two-part initiative to raise awareness of sexual abuse and assault inside the Mormon church and help purported survivors connect with services and support.

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Judge praises former LDS bishop, while sentencing him for rape, as victim listens

Fourth District Court Judge Thomas Low had glowing praise for a man who was convicted of molesting two female relatives while they stayed at his home three years ago.

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Civil rights group to file complaint against judge who praised rapist during sentencing

The group, Restore Our Humanity, is working to file a complaint against Judge Thomas Low of Utah's 4th District. Low, moments before sentencing a former LDS bishop Keith Vallejo for sexually assaulting two relatives, gave glowing praise to the convicted sex predator.

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Complaints mount against Utah judge who at rape sentencing called ex-Mormon bishop a 'good man'

Complaints are mounting against a Utah County judge who earlier this week praised a former Mormon bishop before sending him to prison for sexually abusing two women.

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SALT LAKE CITY (AP) Complaints keep pouring in about a Utah judge who called a convicted rapist a "good man" during his sentencing hearing.

But the chances of the judge being punished appear slim because his remarks don't seem to fit within any of the five forms of judicial misconduct that would trigger reprimands, one expert said.

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Restore Our Humanity releases complaint submitted to Utah Judicial Conduct Commission

See the complaint here

Judge Who Praised Rapist Probably Isn't Going Anywhere, Utah Officials Say

A Utah judge who last week called a convicted rapist 'an extraordinarily good man' as a victim sat in the courtroom won't be booted from the bench any time soon, officials said.

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