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RESTORE OUR HUMANITY TAKES ON SYSTEMIC CHILD ABUSE WITHIN LDS CHURCH AND BSA: Survivors around the globe offered support and resources


     Members of the 501c4 human rights organization Restore Our Humanity and their peers within the academic community have for years noticed some startling trends. There is a child abuse problem in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and within Boy Scouts of America. In Utah, and in other States with large LDS populations, there is evidence of a culture of non-reporting and of protecting perpetrators. This has kept justice from being served and has impeded the rights of survivors by preventing access to counseling, treatment, and to due process.

     It is the firm belief of Restore Our Humanity (ROH) and its supporters that the time has come for these trends to be faced and corrected and for the survivors of abuse to be offered healing....

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