Restore Our Humanity is an all-volunteer Human Rights Organization. It is our stated mission to respond to unjust and unfair practices in Utah and work for change through public education and awareness. ROH was the genesis for Kitchen v Herbert, the federal lawsuit that brought marriage equality to Utah. We conducted a public education campaign to enlighten our communities of the dangers and the threat of the World Congress of Families, who held a conference in Salt Lake City in 2015. Today, we are committing our resources to providing support and counsel to those who are survivors of ecclesiastical sexual abuse within the religious communities of Utah and beyond. We also continue our work in speaking out against hate-groups and their destructive influence in our society. We are a voice for the marginalized and we stand against those who work to oppress anyone in our communities.

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Restore Our Humanity is a 501 (c) 4 Donations are not deductible for Federal Income Tax Purposes.
Restore Our Humanity works to further human rights in Utah through community education and partnerships and community outreach.